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DMC Healthcare’s mission is to deliver healthier outcomes: for our patients; for our own team; and for our commissioners.

Our values are rooted in the positive care Dr Gupta senior committed to providing to his patients in the GP practice he set up in 1967. 50 years later, our focus remains on replicating that very simple ethos.

If you share those values and would like to be part of a cohesive team, committed to delivering the best possible patient experience and outcomes, we’d love to hear from you.

Please see current vacancies below and contact us on 020 7635 1029 or email us at for further information.


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Specialist Consultants

We offer our consultants a flexible approach, clinical leadership and support, indemnity cover, GMC revalidation and appraisal, diverse and interesting work scopes, and excellent earning potential.

Consultant Dermatologist, London




We offer our GPs flexibility, a supportive working environment, GMC revalidation and appraisal, indemnity cover, and excellent earning potential.



Our nurses are an essential and highly-valued part of our delivery team. We offer flexibility, a supportive working environment, and a diverse and interesting work scope.


Healthcare Assistants

Our healthcare assistants work as part of, and are fully supported by, a multi-disciplinary team. We offer flexibility, a diverse and interesting work scope and a structured, training programme. While experience, is welcomed, a commitment to work with us to deliver healthier outcomes is what really matters to us.

DMC CS Dermatology HCA, London


Administrative & Managerial

Our commitment to delivering healthier outcomes extends across the entire DMC team, whether clinical, administrative or managerial.