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HCA's fully trained in the art of patient care.

DMC has over 50 years' experience working with the NHS across England. Our community dermatology service works by seeing patients with minor surgery issues which can be seen in the community instead being passed on to secondary care. 

All our patients are seen by a experienced consultants, dermatologist or GPs with special interests. Our waiting time to see a dermatologist is around 4-6 weeks - considerably lower than the hospital which is of course better for patients.

If our consultants feel a patient needs to be seen in a hospital setting, we will refer them on using system 1. Your patients pathway is available to track in real time 7 days a week.




DMC education and support
We  support all our referrers through our online learning platform

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12 things to know about DMC Community Services.
Lauren Hampton, Community Services


1.    Tell us about DMC Community services?

2.    As well as Dermatology, does you provide other services?

3.    What regions do you currently operate in?

4.    Are you able to reach all over the UK?

5.    What is the procedure of setting up service with CCGs?

6.    Tell us about HCAs and their role?

7.    What would a day of a HCA involve?

8.    What makes DMC a good quality service?

9.    Tell us what you love about your job?

10.  How do GPs refer patients to DMC?

11.  How many practices will a HCA manage per region?

12.  Could you talk us through the ‘Paperless’ initiative?