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Dermatology Matters

This week's topic is:
Dermatology and wellbeing

Dermatology Matters' covers the topics of skin care and wellbeing. DMC clinical lead dermatologist, Dr. Anthony Downs, answers the most frequently asked questions surrounding concerns in dermatology. 

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Dr Anthony Downs BSc MBBS FRCP

Doctor Anthony Downs has been a consultant dermatologist since 2000. Downs trains nurses, GPs, dermatology trainees and other dermatology consultants at local, regional, national and international levels. Particularly in skin cancer diagnosis and skin surgery, skin laser treatment and psoriasis.

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Skin and Alopecia

Dr. Downs discusses beauty products, skincare advice and alopecia trends.

There's lots for beauty treatments out on the market. Have you ever wondered what does glycolic acid does for your skin? Is it safe to use?

What are the latest trends seen in dermatology at the moment and when did they emerge?


Mood Disorders 

Recent research findings suggest that a significant number of patients with common skin diseases across Europe are clinically depressed and anxious.  

To what extent is this true and how do dermatologist treat these mood disorders?

Cosmetic Concerns 

Botox and lip fillers are on trend and in demand. Have you ever wondered what the side effects could be or what happens if you don't like the result?

What would a dermatologist advise not to use on your face? Dr. Downs offers his advice!