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Experienced provider

DMC has over 50 years' experience working with the NHS across England. Our community dermatology service will move the work of the dermatology department at Medway NHS Trust into the community.

Along with receiving the same standard of care, patients will see a service more integrated with supporting local services, and are likely to be seen sooner. In addition, we have an existing network of clinics in Kent ensuring patients can be referred to a location closer to home. 


Clinically Led

Our service is led by Dr Tony Downs, an experienced Consultant Dermatologist. All our patients are seen by experienced consultants, dermatologists, specialist nurses or GPs with special interests.


Ready to go

Preparation for service roll out is well underway. With our operations team and clinical leadership working closely with Medway NHS Trust and the CCGs, we will serve to ensure a seamless handover on April 1st.

A new, patient focused dermatology service for North Kent...

  • Closer to home
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Clinically led by Dr Tony Downs
  • Skilled, multi disciplinary team
  • Digitised (GPs can seek faster diagnosis via bespoke app)
  • Integrated with support services in the community



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