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Bespoke design 

We designed DMCTelederm to make it easy to capture and send photographs for teledermatology referrals.

GPs and other Healthcare Providers will save time in referring dermatology symptoms for diagnosis by a specialist, by using the app  to capture images of the condition.

Images are sent along with a standard ERS form.

GPs can view the DMCTelederm User Guide here.

How it works

  1. Before you take photographs of your patient, the app will display a short video for patients explaining the service and where their data is going to go
  2. Record your patient’s consent in app
  3. You will be invited to take photographs of your patient’s condition (you can use the device’s camera or a dermatoscope attachment). There are instructions inside the app in case you’re not sure what images are needed or how to take them.
  4. Submit images  along with your patient’s NHS number, and they will be safely stored online by DMC Healthcare, where they will be accessible for consultants
  5. Photos will never be stored anywhere in your device
  6. When you send a referral via ERS we will be able to match the patient’s NHS number to the photos that you already sent.


We ensure that all patient data is transferred securely. All requests will be made over TLS and all API calls will require an authentication token, which will be provided at the point of logging in. Identification and authentication services are provided by Microsoft Azure.

Patient data will be stored on a password protected Azure account. Access to this account is restricted only to members of staff for whom access is necessary.

The database containing identifiable information is not accessible from external networks, which means that information from the database will only be accessible via the app and web portal as required.


DMC clinical lead Dr Tony Downs introduces our new Telederm app 

Take a look at our simple user guide for referring GPs