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Wearable tech

To kickstart Healthy Futures, this week's topic is:
Wearable tech: the Apple Watch

We're exploring the two new health-related features of the latest Apple Watch:

  1. The watch can automatically call emergency services if it detects you have suffered a fall and have become unresponsive.
  2. Electrocardiogram feature: Can monitor the rhythm of the heart and give a basic diagnosis of your heart health that can be passed on to a doctor.
apple-watch-heart-rate_thumb800 states, 'Normally, this kind of heart data is only measurable with an electrocardiogram test, conducted in a doctor’s office. But many symptoms of heart problems come and go, making it hard for doctors to get a grasp on patients’ health.'

We visited our Crystal Palace Road and Chadwick Road health centres and spoke to some of the local community to get their views on the implications of a widespread adoption of wearable tech.

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